School Projects

Remember why you decided to become a teacher or a parent! Here is a chance to inspire and enrich the lives of others. Through hands on learning you will expand the world and all of its wonder for everyone involved. Give the magic of a glass fusing project to your children and share the fun of science and art together. Ideas ›››

Classroom Project

Children of all artistic skill levels are proud of the glass art projects that they make. Both boys and girls are drawn into working with this magical material. As they learn what happens to glass when it is melted they can’t stop thinking about it. These class activities stir their creativity and curiosity about science and art. Hassle free with virtually no mess!

Explore how these projects make Connections to the Content Standards; an information insert is available upon request, for teachers to expand the lessons into the curriculum of the classrooms core subjects. Use this fun project to overlap with such topics as Math, Language Arts, History, and Science

Funding your project

Many of our schools these days that do not have a budget for offering even these modestly priced activities to our children. Teachers have found that parents are happy to chip-in a little to offer their children a special learning experience and art project. Here is a sample handout that many teachers send home describing this exciting opportunity and requesting that the families contribute in order to bring this experience into their classroom.