Sure to be the most sought after item at your fundraising event. Glass Art Projects has a number of exceptional group art projects kits to choose from, each one hand-made by you! An entertaining activity and a top-quality auction item that everyone will be proud of. Kits come with everything you need, it’s fool-proof fun and easy!

Your choices include Group Platters, Necklaces, Suncatchers, Tiles, and Patriotic Themes

Group Platter Projects: Include everyone in making an amazing glass art Platter project for your school auction or fundraising event. This project is proven to be a spectacular money maker at school auctions. Ideas ›››

One-of-a-Kind Pendants: Hand-made by the kids, these precious glass Necklaces are irresistible at any cost. Ideas ›››

Assortment of Suncatcher Kits: Always dazzling, any of the Sun-Catcher Kits are a delightful must-have for buyers at your next fundraising event. Ideas ›››

Make your own Glass Tiles: Individual four-inch Tiles are a versatile project choice for art events and fundraising options. Ideas ›››

Patriotic Projects: Besides being a fun, educational and enriching activity, patriotic themed projects are a sure way to collect charitable funds. Ideas ›››

Please see our sample Donation Request Form for inviting parents to contribute a few dollars each to offer this experience to their children.