Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does my eye exam take place?

Your eyes are examined in your home or residence. You may choose to remain comfortably in your own bed or relax in your living room chair during the ophthalmic exam. Some facilities set aside a private room for us to provide exams to residents as well.

Is there a lot of heavy equipment brought into my home for the eye exam?

No. Dr. Logan uses the most up to date ophthalmic instruments and technology which are portable and lightweight.

What pay sources do you accept? for example: Medicaid, Medicare, Private Pay, Insurance Plans

Dr. Logan’s House Call Eye Care, is a Medicare provider and also accepts private pay. Dr. Logan’s House Call Eye Care also accepts the following insurance plans.

  • Humana
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • TriCare
  • United Health Care
  • Rocky Mountain Health Plan

What is your service area for home visit eye care?

Coverage includes a 60 mile radius of service from Fort Collins, but exceptions can be made for patients in need at more distant locations.

Will I get a full glaucoma evaluation which includes an automated visual field test?

If the risk of glaucoma has been identified during your eye exam, then diagnostic testing with a portable, lightweight and comfortable visual field machine will be recommended. The test takes about 3 minutes per eye and is similar to a "video game". The test is performed at your home eliminating the need for a trip to an office.

I have diabetes; how often should I have my eyes checked?

A patient with diabetes should have a complete dilated ophthalmic exam annually. If diabetic retinopathy is present then more frequent exams are advised.

Can I purchase my new eyeglasses during the home visit eye exam with Dr. Logan?

Dr. Logan’s House Call Eye Care, offers a complete eye exam with a full service eyeglass dispensary. For your convenience we carry a selection of stylish eyeglass frames for you to try on and choose from in the comfort of your own home.


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