House Call Eye Care is a convenient and dignified alternative to office visits for our less mobile loved ones.

Dr. Logan’s House Call Eye Care, offers old fashioned house-calls with state-of-the-art equipment and knowledge. Patients will appreciate the personalized attention they receive for routine exams as well as on-going monitoring and maintenance of long term conditions.

As patients get older the need for more frequent visits to the doctor’s office is inevitable. A once simple outing can become difficult and uncomfortable. Dr. Logan has many years of experience treating and evaluating the particular needs of such patients. House Call Eye Care is a comforting solution to the logistical challenges of scheduling appointments and coordinating transportation for patients.

Dr. Logan’s ongoing research in the field of ophthalmology insures that House Call Eye Care maintains the most up to date medical equipment and diagnostic instruments. They feature a fully functioning, portable exam “office” that has been assembled from the newest technologies and studies combining eye, vision and whole body health care. Provided there is space for patient privacy, House Call Eye Care can be set up virtually anywhere.

Communication between physicians is crucial to providing superb health care. Dr. Logan works in collaboration with other physicians to insure that all important patient records and prescriptions are up to date and available for related health care providers. Referring physicians may also recommend House Call Eye Care to perform follow-up treatments and exams for the convenience of their patients.

House Call Eye Care welcomes partnerships with assisted living communities by scheduling monthly or bi-monthly “House-Call Days” as a valuable service to their residents.

Please contact us to discuss hosting an Eye Health Screening Clinic for your business, facility or organization.


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